Global Relief and New Development have Adopted 40 Village and Rural School and working for children to provide Basic needs. It also Identified the lack of Sports Equipment and lack of Oppurtunity to show the childrens ability of Games and sports.

In India especially in Rural villages children cannot afford the  sports equipment, They have skills but there are no proper sports kit to encourage them. children just run and play some country games but this will not help them to be fit.

Global Relief and New Development Trust have sponsored for many Sports events and helped many children to show up their ability , We are concerned abouth the childrens Fitness and believe that sports will help the children to improve there mental ability and make them happy.

We are looking for sponsors and Donors to join and to make this events and sports kits Donations Successful . 

Most of the children in schools play Volleyball, Throw Ball, Basket Ball, Badminton and Cricket.

Global Relief and New Development Trust is also looking for Sports Volunteers who can come and share their skills in various sports and games  with the children.